DAPstockholm is a different kind of an architectural firm. By that, we mean that we take an overall approach, including project management and controlling the process from initial concept via the drawing board to the finished result and, not least, the financial calculations.

We help companies to showcase and convey their brand by translating it into physical form. We call our approach Facility Branding. We like to become involved in projects at the earliest possible stage. By doing that we can work with the client to discover the project’s soul and convey it in the optimal way via all the many components that make up Facility Branding.

We embrace commissions entrusted to us with enthusiasm and a sense of curiosity. We dare to confront and challenge our clients, and even say “no” if necessary.

We welcome courageous and curious clients who want to do things differently, and dare to do it. And who, like us, like to have a good time doing it!